Chapter One

Featherkit opened her eyes to the sunlight, squeezing its bright rays through the woven roof of the nursery. Yawning, the gray tabby she-kit began to exit the nursery.
“Featherkit, what do you think you’re doing?” The tiny she-kit turned around to see that her mother, Daisyleaf, was awake as well, her bright amber eyes dimmed by exhaustion.
A pang of guilt coursed through Featherkit’s veins. “I was going to go see Mapleheart,” she admitted, glancing nervously at her mother.
Yet Featherkit was taken aback by her mother’s reply. Instead of scolding her, Daisyleaf instead began to purr and murmured, “Go ahead, Featherkit. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to see you.”
Featherkit stood there for a few moments, surprised, before passing through the entrance. It was chilly outside of the nursery, without the warmth of many bodies to keep her warm. She shivered, setting off at a trot towards the elder’s den.
Brambletail, the Thunderclan medicine cat, was there when Featherkit arrived. “Why, …

Chapter Two

“You’re doing a great job, Featherkit! You’ve got the makings of a legendary medicine cat!” An amused twinkle glowed in Brambletail’s eye as his gaze flicked towards the piles of herbs and seeds on the ground. “The catmint should never be confused with the borage, though. Catmint, you’ll find, has a tempting smell to it, and borage is quite sour. You’ll know right off.”

Featherkit blinked and pulled the mingled herbs towards her and began to dismantle the pile. She sniffed the individual leaves, separating the catmint and coltsfoot. “Is this better?” she asked Brambletail, pushing the piles back between the marigold and the poppy seeds.

Brambletail barely had to glance at the new piles to confirm her inquiry. “Yes, Featherkit. Very good.” Then he turned to the blue-eyed she-kit, his face bright. “Hey, you’re nearly at your apprentice ceremony! You’re going to join me in about a moon!” The tabby tom’s eyes were gleaming with such genuine excitement that Featherkit couldn’t bring herself …

Chapter Three

Featherkit’s heart was racing as she stepped into the crowd of cats gathered in the middle of the camp. Nettlestar was poised on the smooth top of the Highrock, surveying the Clan below with bright green eyes. Daisyleaf was staring serenely at her kit with pride in her eyes. Featherkit shifted uncomfortably as her mother’s gaze bore into her. “We have gathered today,” Nettlestar announced, “to recognize one kit among us. She has reached the age of apprenticeship, and will now become one. Featherkit, please step forward.” Featherkit froze. Her heart was pounding in her ears. She swallowed and slowly began to proceed towards the Highledge. She felt sick as Nettlestar continued to address her. “Featherkit, you are a worthy kit with lots of potential. Do you wish to become a ThunderClan apprentice?” Her bright eyes rested on the fluffy gray kit standing before her. Swaying on the spot, Featherkit caught herself, regaining her balance, and gasped, “Y-yes, I do.” She caught a glance of …

Chapter Four

Featherpaw woke to the rosy glow of the sunrise. She blinked, taking in her surroundings. Every morning since her apprentice ceremony, she had expected to wake up in the nursery, curled up in the warmth of her mother’s fur. The moss bed in the medicine den was comfortable enough, but she awoke each dawn shivering. She missed sleeping with Daisyleaf. Featherpaw sighed and stretched. She padded out of the den to let the rising sun warm her fur. She felt important now, too important to dwell over little things. She sat tall, imagining her moons later as the one and only medicine cat. The one who could treat any injury or sickness, no matter how bad it was. Featherpaw heard pawsteps behind her. She turned to find Brambletail, purring, emerging from the den. She dipped her head to the medicine cat. “Are you enjoying your apprenticeship so far?” The brown tabby tom sat beside Featherpaw. “Isn’t it exciting? I always loved being an apprentice. You feel like you have so much responsibility…

Chapter Five

Featherpaw leapt to her feet, startled at the sudden cry from the elder’s den. “What’s happening?” Featherpaw turned to Brambletail. Her mentor’s eyes were lit with fear as he jumped up. “Come with me, Featherpaw,” Brambletail said. “Be sure to bring some poppy seeds and anything else you feel might be useful in dealing with elders.” With that, the medicine cat swept out of the den, leaving Featherpaw to collect herbs. Panic rose in Featherpaw’s throat as she scanned the supplies of herbs. She wrapped some poppy seeds in a leaf, not being too careful as she was rushing. She grabbed a dock leaf, not knowing what else to bring in her short time training. A sudden gust of wind blew through the entrance of the door. Then a glossy leaf landed at Featherpaw’s feet. She was about to brush it back into its pile when she realized what she needed to do. Featherpaw dropped the dock leaf. She snatched the strange leaf and the poppy seeds in her mouth, then dashed across camp to deliver the me…

Chapter Six

“What’s a sign?” Featherpaw asked her mentor. “When StarClan has something to say to us, they can’t just tell us. They must let us know when there is something worth knowing while letting us choose our own path. As a medicine cat, you will get lots of these, and it is important to know what they mean,” Brambletail replied. “StarClan wanted to tell you something, so they sent you that leaf that saved Mapleheart’s life.” Featherpaw was confused. “What does that mean?” Brambletail seemed amused. “I want you to try and figure out what it means. You need to know how to interpret signs in order to become a successful medicine cat. Now, I want you to think over all of the possibilities and find one that seems the most likely.” “Maybe they were telling me that with the right things, I can cure anyone?” Brambletail looked impressed. “Most likely, yes. The wind aided you in finding something that would save a life. This means that in the future, you must rely on others to help you. ” Feat…

Chapter Seven

“Here,” Featherpaw said, “this will help bring down the fever.” She nudged a leaf of catmint towards Mapleheart, who chewed the herb in her mouth with no sign of reluctancy. “Featherpaw,” the elder rasped, “you are a remarkable apprentice, and I believe this Clan holds a bright future as long as you’re here.” Featherpaw seemed taken aback by this. “What do you mean? I’m just like every other apprentice, aren’t I? Just helping out my mentor, learning what to do when I’m medicine cat…” Mapleheart seemed amused. “Featherpaw, without you, I would be in StarClan. You saved my life.” Her gaze bore into the young apprentice. “I… I guess so, but I didn’t know the herb would heal you. I just thought I would try it.” Mapleheart narrowed her eyes. “You should have been taught all of the herbs and their functions by now. I’ll need to have a talk with Brambletail; he’s obviously not trained you well enough.” Featherpaw shook her head. “No, it’s nothing like that. I could recite the herbs and their uses…